Save Time, Money and Effort

Leverage Zacks’ Decades of Analyst Data Gathering Experience

Cover gaps in your IR capability, streamline aspects of your workflow, or employ a complete solution that handles your total IR function – whatever you need, Zacks IR Tools has you covered.

Stop Wasting Your Time Tracking Sell Side Models – We Do This For You

Enhance credibility and improve company valuation using the in-depth data in our highly detailed consensus estimate models. We integrate all sell-side analyst data into a single model that offers multiple views to analyze the information you need. Get any questions answered immediately during market hours by a dedicated Zacks account manager and analyst team.

  • Customize data to fit the way you work
  • Be confident in comparisons backed by consistent methodology
  • Prepare with forward-looking projections of all line items for upcoming quarters and years
  • Be alerted to outliers and unique circumstances with broker-specific notes when needed
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Perform Targeted Peer Comparison and Analysis

Save hours of data-gathering time by harnessing our ability to organize competitor data from a multitude of different sources. See how your firm stacks up against peers according to virtually any metric, using comprehensive data, comparison tables and insightful charts that make your points clearly and quickly.

  • Select the specific peers and metrics you want to highlight
  • Get the whole story with access to all the raw data
  • Timely delivery right after earnings are announced
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Create Outstanding Board Management Reports

Preparing board management reports is typically one of an IR Department’s most time/labor-intensive tasks. Make it quick and easy by using our pre-built templates, having us populate your internal templates, or letting us design one specifically to your liking, using thousands of data points we collect on a continual basis.

  • Compare up to eight peers simultaneously
  • Fully customize views to your specifications
  • Get updates immediately after the end of each quarter
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Find All the Data You Need on a Single Web Site

Rather than poring over multiple outlets to extract information, find it all on our web site. Access updated daily performance info, a comprehensive charting package, fundamental data on peers, a full targeting and shareholder portal and much, much more.

  • Define your peer/competitor watchlist
  • Download custom consensus models
  • Prepare peer reports and Board Management Reports
  • Target investors most likely to buy your stock
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More About Our Services

Our comprehensive overview guide fills you in on all the ways we support your IR mission. Discover all the ways Zacks helps your IR department function at maximum efficiency and effectiveness. For complete details on all our services, be sure to download our comprehensive guide.