Zacks IR can help your Investor Relations Department with the following and more:


Included with

·         Targeting, (including a sort-able/searchable Percentage Probability Report to instantly identify a “target” list of portfolio managers most likely to buy your stock)

·         Shareholder Data, (SEC filing data)

·         Hedge Fund Data, (extensive database)

·         Estimates

·         Board Reports, (customizable data points)

·         Buy Side Directory, (including profiles on portfolio managers and institutional funds)

·         Sell Side Directory, (including background info and analyst profiles)

·         Research Delivery, (Boutique Broker Research)

·         Peer Group Analysis, (side by side comparison for up to 25 peers per report)

·         Integrated Contact Manager, (communications and list management system) Research Upgrades

·, (owned by top 11 investment banks – bulge bracket research with analyst models and google-like search functions)

·         Zacks Research Digest, (summarized consensus and comparison of all sell-side research on a particular company; Digest includes a text report, model, industry forecast)

Additional Services:

·         Strategic Stock Surveillance, (highly regarded and available on a month to month basis)

·         IR Web Services, (advanced web hosting and communication distribution network)

·         Soleil-Zacks Buy Side Appointment Scheduling, (one on one meetings with targeted portfolio managers interested in your stock, available at no cost to your company)

·         CEO Interviews, (video or audio recordings for IR web posts, ideal for targeting investors or delivering a difficult story)


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Zacks SEC Compliance Services Group Offerings for Annual Reports:

Zacks SEC/CSA/FSA Compliance Services Group provides corporations with the Total Return Performance Graph and Reports for their Annual Filings.

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